When I came to Nathan I felt like a generally healthy 32 year old at 5’9″ 195 lbs. But my doctor told me it was time to lose a few pounds.  My back was aching and I was going to a chiropractor. I was getting bad chafing between my thighs if it was hot out while I was playing golf or walking. I tried backcountry skiing with some friends and it was miserable.

I played sports in my youth and so assumed I would maintain a reasonable level of fitness. I guess it was something I had never thought would take work.

I tried gym memberships on my own but needed someone to lead me through what exercises to do. More than anything I needed accountability.

The facts say it all. I have lost 30 pounds. I can do pull-ups. I can do push ups. I can do pistol squats. I can do one legged side planks. I’ve taken up rock climbing. I’m in the most well rounded shape of my life at 40 years old. My mentality around exercise and movement has changed. I view exercise as an opportunity to confront physical problems.

Nathan has been part of a personal transformation since I started his life coaching 4 years ago. Now I journal, I meditate and I set goals every week thanks to his support and accountability. He has seen me through some trying times. Most of all, I appreciate the process of transformation rather than the end result. I am more resilient.

Nathan trains without judgment. He gets to know you, your body, your mental models, and trains the whole person. He uses frameworks but not formulas for success.  I recommend him if you want to improve your physical and mental well being. Be prepared for the long haul, Nathan is.

– Eliot G


“Before working with Nathan & PurposeFit, I was in OK shape, and was following my own working out routine. However, in the summer of 2020, I was in a rut and felt stuck in my progression.  I needed more accountability, programming, more spice (new/different practices & exercises), coaching, and community, while still being able to work out from home at the time most convenient for me.”

“Since working out with Nathan, I’m much more lean and getting ripped! I even gained 1-2 inches in height with my improved posture!

“I’m most happy about the overall holistic and sustainable approach of Purpose Fit. I feel like I’ve leveled up physically, mentailly, and spiritually, and am looking forward to continual growth. It’s sustainable. Now I feel that I can push myself, with the help of Nathan and the online community engaging with me.”

– Jose J


“I needed to pursue other avenues for fitness and well-being due to a series of accidents that limited my mobility by 80%.  I spent years searching for fitness programs that could help me improve shoulder mobility and stabilize my back while integrating overall well-being through mediations and breathing.”

“Nathan’s approach integrates spiritual development with strength training, cardiovascular health, nutrition and even thermogenesis, and the results are amazing!!”

“The thermogenesis and breathing imparted clarity and an energetic boost while the balance of the program improved my shoulder mobility by 95% and dramatically improved my pain.”

– Brendan M

“As his body and core grows stronger, my husband’s back spasms have significantly decreased. Better yet, I’ve noticed a positive change in my husband’s mood, as he’s beginning to feel more in control of his back, seeing a life not dominated by pain.”

“Working with Nathan the last few months has truly benefited my marriage and given me a newfound appreciation for the value of personal training, which I never knew I had.”

-KyAnn A (Wife of Brendan M)


When I came to Nathan, I felt pretty good about my health and exercise routine, but I desired more.

I told him that I wanted to look and feel spectacular in time for my 49th birthday, which was a mere three months away. He delivered! My body fat went down and my strength and energy went up as I shed almost 15 pounds and dead-lifted a ridiculous 225 pounds!

Nathan worked my training and diet slowly and deliberately toward my goals, keeping in mind and working around chronic injuries from the past, even mollifying and healing some of them.

I am over the moon at recommending Nathan as a personal trainer.  Thank you so much. You truly changed my life!

– Jim L

“I was looking for someone who could work with me on connecting the bodywork with the work of the heart and the mind.  I wanted to transform my entire person, not just my physical state. I knew right away that Nathan and I would connect on those levels.”

“What I appreciate about Nathan is that he’s doing the work himself.  Focusing on both short and long-term goals paired with weekly check-ins that foster accountability and create an environment of acceptance are a critical part of the programming.”

I have been able to take this work and apply it to my professional and personal life and help others in the same way that Nathan has helped me.”

– Ryan K


I have been with PurposeFit for more than a year and a half.

I am a slightly overweight, slightly over-the-hill, slightly beyond middle-aged guy who has a sedentary job and doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise.

He is smart, knowledgeable about the human body, and good at explaining what he is trying to accomplish.

Since we started working together, I am more flexible, more fit, and have lost weight. Given their ability to personalize a training program, I would recommend Nathan and the coaches at PurposeFit to anyone for fitness and performance training.

– Mark E

PurposeFit is my hour long escape, during the workouts I completely forget about all the things on my mind.  It has been an excellent stress reliever.

When I’m training,  I get a rush of endorphins and I feel like I can take on the world after.  Since joining PurposeFit, things in my professional life have really clicked. I have increased stamina, and that gives me more energy to work harder.

I also LOVE the results.  I came into PurposeFit in decent shape, since doing PurposeFit for over 3 months, my body has changed! I have lost body fat and gained strength, and it’s an amazing feeling when a friend who hasn’t seen me in a while compliments me on my gains.

– Markus W


I have found myself stronger and more flexible than I have been since I was in high school. Mentally and emotionally I have matured significantly since I crossed paths with Nathan.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants MORE than a personal trainer. He is a great friend and someone that can help you take an honest look at your life as a whole, rather than just a piece of it.”

– Riley B

“Well the most important thing was how you’ve changed my eating habits and my water consumption in different ways. You’ve gotten me through the hardest part by getting me going everyday.

“I also focused on my core today which I haven’t done in the gym since I was in the Marine Corp.  I also maintain my stretching and breathing and even those damn cold showers.”

– Chris A

“I started working with Nathan to improve my overall strength and energy after having difficulty running due to a weak frame. His coaching has given me practical steps that I can use throughout the week.

“I would definitely recommend Nathan to others because he meets you where you’re at and finds how to push you in positive ways that are specific to your needs.” – Ben A


“Nathan is really good at seeing people’s identity, and calling them into something higher. Not by shoving them forward from behind, but by pulling them up from in front.”

“I also hear he’s great at playing the didgeridoo shirtless, lol.”

– Ted F

“Nathan is more than just a fitness instructor – he is a coach and mentor.”

“He is immensely capable of diagnosing and implementing the response needed, and he brings a lot of experience and spiritual understanding to his wellness practice.

– Sue L

“I would definitely recommend Nathan as a coach. His innate ability to meet people where they are and work to where they want to be is impressive.”

I hope to have Nathan pushing me beyond the limits of what I think is possible for some time to come.”

– Henry S

“Nathan has a special talent in attention to detail, he has the ability to go very deep spiritually and mentally.”

– Matt C

“Nathan has a gift for helping people to be the best that they can be – to live a life of joy and fullness.”

– Jeremy B

“Nathan has a talent to listen mindfully, and he inspires you to set realistic goals.”

– Raquel M


“Nathan has a gift for showing you a side to yourself that is hiding in plain sight.  Nathan uses fitness as an instrument for true change.

“Joining PurposeFit was crucial in learning how to find my core strength and inner resolve. My life has changed tremendously with the presence of such talented and understanding people.”

– Billy S

“When it comes to fitness, my biggest challenge is motivation. My last gym membership never did me much good because I would never use it. Nathan has solved that problem because I actually look forward to our workouts.”

There are many coaches/trainers to choose from. If you have any interest in this kind of program, it is well worth your time to at least meet with Nathan and hear what he has to say.

– Phil C


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